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      The guide area hosts all 3 of the cats found in North America. These hunts are for the thrill seekers that want to experience an age-old tradition of hunting alongside hound dogs. During these hunts you will cover ground by truck, snowmobile or hiking creek drainages alongside the guide. Once a track is found the dogs will begin the chase and their voice will indicate to the hunters whether they are in hot pursuit, trying to find the scent trail or when they have the animal “Tree’d”.


      Once the chase is over and the dogs have caught and located the cat in a tree, the guide and hunter will determine the best route of access and join them at the tree to observe the elusive cats. Once at the tree you will be impressed by the stature of a rare to see Cougar, Bobcat or Lynx. These hunts are available from the late fall and throughout the winter. Contact us for more information.

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