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      BC is known for the best mule deer hunting around and our hunts are no exception. We offer many different hunts, from our early season high country alpine hunts (availability upon request) which have produced some very impressive trophies, to our late season low land migration hunts and rut hunts. Each one is different in every way and gives you the choice of picking the adventure that is right for you.

      Our high-country alpine hunts are for those that like to get out and climb a mountain or two to find that big mature mule buck. Backpacking, horseback riding and spike camps are the norm during these hunts, so good physical condition is a must. The rewards are high with many bucks being taken in the 160 to 200 B&C. Shots out to 300 yards are very common, so come prepared. If you are looking for that wall hanger of a lifetime then this is the hunt for you.


      Our low-country migration and rut hunts are for those who want a big buck or a nice meat buck, but would rather come back to a hot shower and a warm meal after a long day of hunting. We normally hunt by using 4×4 pickups and ATVs and cover a lot of ground during the day. Opportunities are high and the quality of the deer are also top notch. We will either spot and stalk or sit in blinds and tree stands during these hunts. Contact us for more information.

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